You should not see this field, but if you do leave it empty.

That Stone House Feeling

That Stone House Feeling

The Stone House is a special place to most everyone that comes here.


It’s got a funny energy that way.

I contribute all that, and rightfully so, to my mom.
This was her place.
Without her, none of us would have ever been here.

I have been told that the place now speaks volumes of both her and myself… and US.
My mom and I had that. That energy is here, in the house.
I find myself for good and bad realizing more and more how much I am like her.
How much this house means to me, how much I have poured into it, it’s my best physical link to her now.
I don’t have a grave.

I have a house to enter that she built.
She has a vision I can walk into and feel the warmth.

And so can you. For me, it’s well beyond a grave.

When I am here, I have inspirational girls nights and add to the artwork and loving details, and make sure there is a good tea selection.
I love the house, and while it’s not living, it’s more here than she is.

My mom was cremated- and we scattered her ashes all over her most beloved spots.
My family and I scattered most of her ashes on a family lake in the Laurentian mountains, outside of Montreal. We scattered a good amount of her around her favorite spots in Montreal, and in legacy gardens she planted.
Her ashes traveled in a Ming vase/urn provided by my father.
She traveled uniquely in death- and in life.

While I don’t really want to bore you on so many details on why my mom is awesome- because your mom is hopefully her own awesome I would read about too, I guess my bottom line is if you are one of the few reading this you know her- or me- or the house…. and we are all the same.

I miss her so very much. I will be putting an event together in her honor soon.

Thanks for reading, and if any of this resonates with you please get in touch anytime.

Sincerely yours,


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