You should not see this field, but if you do leave it empty.

Origins & Rebirth

Origins &
Guests can't help but feel serene in what was
formerly an old stone chapel.

The Stone House:

There was a tree growing through the floor when my mother first bought the Stone House. The plaster was falling off the walls, and the inside was rubble. It was basically a dusty rock shell, yet, even then, there was something truly special about it. My mother had a vision for old places needing reuse, and I guess that vision is genetic.

The house has three-foot-thick walls and a foundation made out of locally-sourced field stone. The roof is hand cut slate. The post and beam ceiling is original and is superb from an architecture and design perspective. If you look closely at the rock walls of the house, you can see they were crafted to be climbed, no ladder needed.

The Grafton Stone House has a rich history you feel when you enter, it was part of the “Troy Times Fresh Air Home” in the 1800s. It was originally built as a multi-use space for a church, school, and boy’s dormitory in the early 1900s. It fell to ruin for decades- then came my mother who first fell in love with the house in 1989, and acquired the house, bringing it to life once again.

The warmth of the place is exuberant, well beyond the radiant floor heating and wood stove. The airy yet cozy environment is perfect to snuggle up with your loved ones, laugh and cook on a girlfriends weekend, play board games, collapse after a day of enjoying the vast outdoors, or even hiding out creating... perhaps painting or writing your first novel.

The kitchen is well-stocked with my mother-approved selection of herbs and cooking necessities to create your very own celebration. It also boasts the occasional surprise for my guests to enjoy at the urge. For guests, it provides a fantastic escape. Whether you choose to explore the area- or hide out within the fantastic stone walls.



My name is Michelle. I am the daughter of the truly remarkable woman who first rehabbed this place about twenty-five years ago.

My mother always had grand visions for the Grafton Stone House, and she passed away too soon to ever do it all. Her plans were constantly evolving, much like she was. And I intend to continue those plans - and that evolution.

My mom said life is meant to be lived with the mentality of “to be continued”.... never going stagnant. To keep learning and growing was a life mission. She truly lived that way until breast cancer took her away. I feel her warmth, love, enthusiasm, creativity and exuberant charm in the house every time I enter. I have been told, over and over, that each guest has felt this, too. The house truly feels like an old friend.

The Grafton Stone House is here because of the lessons she taught me: to build a place that fosters creativity, good food & wine, relaxation, laughs, great conversation, passion for the outdoors, the goodness of plants, and out-of-the-box thinking. My mother always believed in a “home away from home,” a place that was a comfortable escape. A kind of sanctuary. A place of freedom. A place for friends to gather, to recoup, to rejuvenate, to celebrate.

I am continuing on my own version of that here.

Recently remodeled again off my mother’s vision, modernized somewhat, with attention to details I find personally fun, I hope you enjoy it all.

My mom had a term for those that entered who could help themselves: ‘fridge friend’- and that is exactly how I feel about all my guests here.

With love and endless appreciation: Michelle

Grafton NY

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